Akbar’s Dream

One night, Emperor Akbar dreamt that he had lost all his teeth, except one. The next morning he invited all the astrologers of his kingdom to interpret this dream.

After a long discussion, the astrologers prophesized that all his relatives would die before him.

Akbar was very upset by this interpretation and so sent away all the astrologers without any reward.

Later that day, Birbal  entered the court. Akbar related his dream and asked him to interpret it. After thinking for a while Birbal replied that the Emperor would live a longer & more fulfilled life than any of his relatives.

Akbar was pleased with Birbal’s explanation and rewarded him handsomely.



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3 responses to “Akbar’s Dream

  1. I liked the stories of Birbal you put on this site. One can find great meaning and intelligence in these simple stories.

  2. ria

    how foolish was that……dat tym this kinda stupidity was quite obvious….i dont understand that this stupid king dint have ny other work inspite of testing othrs brain…..

  3. these stories are very interesting

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