One on Three Strip Poker

My girlfriend in college was real nice looking and a bit wild. After drinking at a local club with two other buddies it was back to the dorm. We settled in my room just shooting the shit. Alex, my girlfriend entered my room and sat down while nursing a margarita. My friends and I started joking about a game of strip poker. To our amazement Alex looked and communicated interest.

My two friends Sam and Kevin were pretty good looking and I didn’t know if I wanted the competition. I kept joking about the possibility but really didn’t want my girlfriend to engage in such an activity. After a couple more drinks, a deck of cards surfaced and we all sat on the floor. Now Alex was not much of a card player so her chances of winning were slim.

I didn’t know if I felt comfortable with my two friends gazing on my naked girlfriend’s body. Not wanting to make waves, however, I went along with the game. After a few hands, Alex was holding her own and Sam had lost his shirt and shoes. I noticed Alex glancing at Sam’s athletic build and looking as though she was getting a bit horny. That’s when I started thinking this could actually be fun.

Alex lost a couple hands and finally had to lose her white button down shirt. She was down to her bra and jeans. I could see Sam and Kevin really starting to enjoy the game as my girlfriend’s body started to reveal itself before their eyes. You could see enough of Alex’s breasts through her risque bra to realize she was well built. And, she looked hot in just a bra and jeans.

Meanwhile my two friends were also shirtless and I was beginning to wonder where this was going to end up. I started having thoughts of my two best friends fucking my girlfriend in front of me but knew this was never going to get that far. I had lost a few hands but it was clear I was probably the best player. We continued to drink to edge off any embarrassment when the moment of truth finally arrived.

Alex lost a hand with a pair of two’s and the three of us finally realized the game was going to end or it was going to get nuts. We had dimmed the lights and lit candles to create the atmosphere but you could still see quite clearly. Alex slipped off her bra like it was nothing, revealing a set of breasts that looked fantastic in the dimmed light. You could see her hardened nipples – I started getting hard as I glanced at my friends staring in amazement.

Sam was also at the moment of truth as he shed a sock to leave him with a pair of blue jeans–only. You could feel the erotic tension in the room as we played another hand. I was hoping Alex would really lose – I kept imagining her pulling off her jeans to reveal her shaven snatch to my friends. I knew she never wore underwear so she only had to lose one more hand. The next hand was close but Alex once again lost. She stood up and slowly unzipped her jeans. She pulled them slowly down almost as if she was enjoying the moment more than the three of us salivating idiots. She revealed her pussy and soft round ass as her jeans dropped to the floor and she slowly stepped out of them. My friends joked about her losing but you could see they were in heaven.

She then stood in front of Sam, bent down and unzipped his jeans. As she pulled his jeans to his knees, it revealed a nice 7-inch hard cock. Alex, without a word started sucking on Sam’s cock – licking it up and down. Kevin and I started feeling Alex’s body – Kevin dropped under her and starting licking – I sucked her tits. It was three against one – a dorm room gang bang. Then we all moved to the bed as we took turns on my girlfriend. I even got a bit wilder and starting sucking Sam. He seemed to enjoy it – not saying a word. This would be a night we would all remember!


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